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Senior Expert

  • Published at : 31 Mar 2021

  • Deadline : 30 Apr 2021

Job Description :
We are looking for a MongoDB expert who has experience optimizing read and write performance of a standalone, self-hosted instance with 150 million records. The MongoDB instance is running on an AWS c5a.8xlarge server. It is paired with a Solr search index and populated by a NodeJS/ExpressJS server using Node streams. The ideal candidate would be able to review and optimize:
Server size (memory/CPU)
Ubuntu configuration settings that might be throttling MongoDB performance
MongoDB configuration
MongoDB schema/data model
MongoDB indexes
MongoDB queries
MongoDB client configuration (e.g. connection pools, timeout settings, etc.)
The ideal candidate would also be able to recommend best-of-breed monitoring tools to make it easy for us to identify the cause of future performance issues.
Our goal is to reach a throughput of 5000 records processed a second. Each record requires multiple reads and one write during the transformation process

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